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Our team of engineering staff and detailed draftspersons utilise the latest versions of software available to produce exceptional results. 

Watson Fitzgerald has been producing 3D models for Mechanical Services in South Australia for over ten years to facilitate our off-site fabrication, and are known throughout the industry as the leading Mechanical Services Contractor in South Australia for implementing the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process into construction projects.

We have been involved in the BIM process for over ten years.  In the early days we developed 3D models in isolation (lonely BIM) to facilitate our manufacturing process. In parallel with us some Architects and Structural Engineers also developed 3D models in isolation. Over this time we have developed and enhanced the software in conjunction with the software providers.  We have also developed our modelling skills and procedures.

Due to our extensive experience in 3D modelling, we have been invited onto several projects at the early design stage to produce comprehensive detailed 3D models of the building services to aid in the design and co-ordination of services into the building structure.

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