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Watson Fitzgerald are committed to providing excellence and continual improvement to all aspects of works we supply.


Watson Fitzgerald & Associates acknowledge the importance of environmental sustainability and supports any initiatives that contribute toward reducing the impact that construction projects and the operation of plant and equipment may have on the environment.

Watson Fitzgerald is registered with the ARC and is certified to handle all prescribed refrigerants

(ARC AU 00476). The firm has been actively involved in developing procedures and equipment with the ARC for the safe use and recovery of ozone depleting refrigerants, including having an “In House” recycling system for the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and oils.

Learn more about our Environmental Policy below:



Watson Fitzgerald & Associates Pty Ltd's safety record is exceptional. We have been actively involved with Workcover and the Air Conditioning Contractors Association in developing OH&S manuals for our section of the industry.

We manage our safety system in accordance with ISO 45001, and appoint safety officers on-site, establish a safety committee and conduct and/or participate in workplace safety meetings and on-site training. We have also been involved in the setting up of Safety Working Method Statement for the various sections of our work.


Watson Fitzgerald & Associates Pty Ltd currently has an 8% bonus in levy rates due to our low incidences of work related accidents.

Read more about our commitment to safety below:


Watson Fitzgerald and Associates are dedicated to providing excellence of product and service, and do so by implementing our Quality Management System.

This system is in accordance with ISO 9001, and we are fully committed to ensuring that we conform to the requirements of this standard. Within our management system, we focus on thorough planning around our customer requirements, and ensure that we maintain quality control throughout our projects. It is also essential in our system to be constantly reviewing our progress and feedback, and actioning any corrective and preventative measures to ensure a "Continual Improvement" policy.

Within our policy of “Continual Improvement,” Watson Fitzgerald places high importance on training our employees. Our firm has always supported the Apprentice Training Programmes and at any time usually has a number of apprentices in the plumbing, refrigeration, and sheet metal trades. We also encourage post-trade training and usually have a number of employees pursuing post trade studies at any time.

View our Quality Policy below:


Watson Fitzgerald and Associates is committed to the emotional and mental health and stability of its employees. We would like to extend a hand of alliance, sympathy and support whenever our staff face adversity, whether it is minor anxiety or a serious crisis.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is implemented to assist all of our employees in overcoming any work-related and personal challenges they may face, and outlines the company procedures for supporting our employees when they encounter hardships.

Read more in our EAP below:

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