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Mechanical services are the mostly hidden part of buildings that quietly go about their function of delivering a controlled, safe environment to the building’s occupants.

Mechanical services make-up almost half of the construction cost and the majority of the ongoing maintenance costs in any commercial building. Ignored most of the time, if allowed to go wrong they become a major priority.  The work of Watson Fitzgerald & Associates is aimed at avoiding these problems.

The primary focus of the firm is the installation and maintenance of mechanical services to a high standard delivering cost efficient, high performance mechanical services. Since its establishment in 1984, the firm has been owned and operated locally and competes successfully against other firms which all have national or international ownership.  And despite being a local company, Watson Fitzgerald & Associates are recognised throughout the construction industry as the leading mechanical services firm both for the quality of its installations and maintenance also for technological advancement.

Watson Fitzgerald & Associates are proud of our long term associations

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